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Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Christian Book Awards-Gold Medallion Award

Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Christian Book Awards

Since 1978 the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association has recognized quality and encouraged excellence by presenting the ECPA Christian Book Awards (formerly known as Gold Medallion) each year. After a rigorous judging process, five finalists are selected in each of seven categories: Bibles, Fiction, Children, Inspiration, Bible Reference, Non-Fiction and New Author.

Handbook for Bible Study, Softcover by Dr. Lee Gugliotto

Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Gold Medallion Award

The Christian Book Awards recognize the highest quality in Christian books and is among the oldest and most prestigious awards program in Christian publishing.

Our President, Dr. Lee Gugliotto, received a Gold Medallion in 1996, for Handbook for Bible Study mentioned elsewhere on this site. Together with his wife Jolynn, the Gugliotto’s cofounded the Empower Ministry Foundation, a non-profit, nondenominational umbrella for many ministries.


Bible Study Bookshop, online for you all the time, is an outreach of the Empower Ministry Foundation, along with eight other ministries, including (click on the following to visit each site):



"We connect people with the God of the Bible--until they are ready meet their King".



"We are a team of Christ’s disciples who believe we should mentor people for personal relationships with Him, since He alone can prepare them for the Kingdom and take them there".



Empower Ministry Foundation operates on the following seven-principles:

  1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God
  2. Nothing substitutes for God’s written Word
  3. Inductive personal study is better than secondhand study
  4. A relationship with Christ is better than religion
  5. No one substitutes for Christ
  6. The home is the most sacred place on earth
  7. The Home is more important than the church

Please visit our parent website www.empowerministries.org for an overall picture of what we believe God has called us to do.

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