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Digging Deeper-Alone and Together DVD Set (by Dr. Lee Gugliotto) - (DVD)

Digging Deeper-Alone and Together DVD Set by Dr. Lee Gugliotto

Read the lessons - Watch the videos - Do the exercises

  • By Dr. Lee Gugliotto
  • ISBN 10: N/A
  • 8 DVD's, 7 ½ hours
  • $80 Special Discount: $60
  • In Stock

Learn to study the Bible inductively--the way pastors, teachers, and scholars do with this complete Bible Course. Dr. Lee and Jolynn Gugliotto take you step by step through the inductive method at an actual workshop designed to train lay people for in-depth Bible study. Get the foundation, mechanics, and dynamics of inductive Bible study--in a single package--so you can study the Bible for yourself. Use these DVD’s as a personal resource, to train a class, or for a refresher course.

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