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InterVarsity Press Bible Background Commentary (2 vols., Hardcover)

InterVarsity Press Bible Background Commentary, 2 vols. by Craig S. Keener

Actual - Factual - Convenient

  • By Craig S. Keener
  • ISBN: 0830814191 | EAN: 9780830814190 /Old Test.
  • ISBN: 0830814051 | EAN: 9780830814053 /New Test.
  • Hardcovers, 800 pages each vol.
  • $70.00 (Both Volumes)
  • In Stock

You wouldn't expect Abraham to fathom Watergate, or Paul to understand fax machines. Similarly, contemporary Bible readers often stumble over obscure and obsolete references from ancient times. With this valuable resource, you'll grasp biblical authors' original concerns. Old and New Testament volumes provide historical, social, and cultural contexts in a handy verse-by-verse format.

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